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Ofada Rice Day Festival 2023 Register Now Learn More

Ofada Rice Day Festival is an annual culinary celebration organized by Oluwatobi ‘Ofadaboy’ Fletcher. This vibrant event, which commenced in 2019, aims to lead the Ofada rice narrative, sharing its unique story with the world. It serves as a showcase of African taste, blending diverse flavours to authentically represent various cultures.

Throughout the festival, participants indulge in a variety of Ofada rice recipes, sourced from the golden locales of Iperu, Shagamu, Lagos, and Abeokuta. The atmosphere is further enriched with the rhythmic beats of African tungba and bata drums, accompanied by other captivating side attractions.

The true essence of the festival lies in paving the way for Ofada rice to compete globally, fostering its recognition on the international stage.

Join us this year for the much-anticipated 5th edition, themed Ofadabration, on December 3, 2023, at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos, starting at 11 AM. The dress code for this extraordinary event is Afrofusion.

Secure your spot by clicking the button below to register and be part of this culinary experience.

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