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About Us

Ofadaboy brand, established over 10years ago, was an idea borne from a natural flair to bring to life what makes African taste, style and presentation different from the usual continental dishes. The brand known for creating unique food variants, mix and presentation has brought to the food and beverage industry an infusion of social cultural tone to restaurant and outdoor caterings. Ofadaboy, is the only and leading traditionally focused food vendor that cuts across the major cultures in Nigeria. Catering for all kinds of events in the social and corporate circles.

Sourcing materials and ingredients from markets in Lagos, Ogun and other parts of the country where the best natural food ingredient are found has not failed in making the output as natural as possible.

The company, driven by honesty, best practice and service delivery, manages an array of top clients and has also provided employment to over 100 Nigerians in its few years of existence.

Ofadaboy brand is a truly African Restaurants and Outdoor catering company that bring to bear unique taste to the satisfaction of Africans in the naturally designed environment.

Our Mission

To inspire a shift in the perception of local African cuisines and provide comfortable and satisfying dining experiences that promotes African culture.

Our Vision

To become a bridge between local African cuisines and the the world while promoting African culture and heritage.