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Ofada Rice Day Festival is an annual food festival organised by Oluwatobi “Ofadaboy” Fletcher, set to lead the Ofada rice narrative and tell the story of this brand of rice to the world. It is a display of African taste and mix that depict real cultural representation.

During the festival, participants are treated to various recipes of ofada rice and tastes from the ever golden source of Iperu, shagamu, Lagos and Abeokuta.  Also African tungba and bata drum and other side attractions are on display to add color to the event.

The real experience of the festival is to create that in-road for Ofada rice to play competitively in the global space.

The maiden edition of the Ofadaboy Rice Day Festival was hosted in October 2019, in partnership with Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and Malta Guinness, as part of activities to celebrate the year’s World Food Day. In attendance were some of respected royal fathers and a host of celebrities from the creative and entertainment industry.

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